3D Object Converter for Windows

3D Object Converter for Windows 7.0

3D Object Converter is a powerful 3D polygon model translation

3D Object converter is a useful program that allows viewing 3D models of 508 different formats. The objects can be rotated by clicking on the desired axis's icon button, or dragging the object with the mouse in the desired direction. Files can be saved in a format different from the original by selecting the "File - Save As" menu option and choosing the type you want to save the file in. The program features automatic file format recognition, you just have to click on the folder icon button or select the "File-Open" menu option and browse for your 3D object, without the need of selecting the type of the file. There is a batch converter module to convert several files at the same time. It also has icon buttons for color options: wireframe, flat shaded, gouraud shaded, vertex color shaded, and textured rendering mode. Another functions you can utilize are: auto rotate, obtain quick material information, object information, polygon statistics, and scene information. This program will work even if you don't have the original software that the object was created in.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It features automatic file format recognition and a batch converter


  • The evaluation version works for only 30 days and some modules are not enabled
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